Why You Still Need A Blog, And How To Use It

by | Mar 19, 2018 | Website Content

In this article we will give you an answer to one of the most asked questions among people that start a new online business or start a brand new website for their business. Why You Still Need A Blog, And How To Use It are very important questions so make sure you can give your full attention to this lesson.

I get asked all the time whether a Blog still matters on a website. Some people have heard that blogging is the best thing since sliced bread. Others have heard that it is completely irrelevant now. So I get asked all the time.

Let's step back in time for a minute because I want you to understand what a Blog is. That way you will understand whether you need one on your website.

In the early days of the Internet a Blog was a website where you posted your personal thoughts and stories, like a diary but public on the Internet. Blog entries were chronological and posts were sorted by year, month, day, and even hour. Blogs were a way for people to share their thoughts and opinions with the world and a way for the world to get to know someone. Some of the most popular Blogging platforms were Blogger, Tumblr, and Open Diary. There were often categories and tags for posts so that if you just wanted to read the Beekeeping related posts someone had made you could browse that category.

Today, the word Blog has been incorrectly extended by many to include periodically adding content to ANY website, regardless of whether it is a personal diary

Now you will be able to understand whether you need a Blog.

YES! You need to add content regularly to your website.

However, it is only really a Blog if you're writing a diary. So, no, you don't want a Blog. You want regular new written and visual content. Here's why.

  1. New content helps you rank better in search results
  2. New content helps you rank better for more searches
  3. New content keeps you on the learning and sharing path, which the internet loves
  4. New content helps you explain what you do and how you do it to potential customer and partners
  5. New content helps you become a real person in business rather than just a brand

So, yes, you do need to add content to your website regularly... you receive a direct benefit from it. But you don't need a Blog unless your personality is your business.

In this lesson we will go through what to write…