What To Write About

by | Mar 19, 2018 | Website Content

In this lesson we will go through what to write about on your blog, website and social media. We will cover types on content and give a couple of examples. The purpose of this lesson is to give you an idea, a direction where you can head with your website and its content.

There are two philosophies or schools of though on what to write about for new content on a website.

  1. Do research in to what people are search for and write about that
  2. Write about the most important topic in your experience zone that you have not yet covered on the website

These two philosophies bring generally the same result... more website visitors. The reason is that you are appealing to people looking for information about your specialty. Here's how to execute on these two philosophies.

Research Based

  1. Do some research in to the search phrases people conduct on Google specific to what the business does
  2. Collect the number of searches completed per month for each search phrase
  3. Collect the "Difficulty" to rank on the first page of Google for each search phrase
  4. Order search phrases based on the number of searches executed per month, descending
  5. Filter out the search phrases with a high Difficulty score

Now, you can proceed to create content on these topics on order starting at the top of the list. In this way you appeal directly to people searching for information.

Expertise Based

  1. Write a list of the most important topics, based on your expertise and the topic of the website, that are currently missing.
  2. Order the list based on how important you consider each topic from most to least

Now, start adding content to the website on each topic in order starting at the top of the list. This way you are covering the most relevant information in your area of expertise.

As Google and other search engines discover the content and see that the website is providing valuable information on many aspects of the topic, searchers will start to be routed to your website...

"They people will come, Ray"

Once you establish a website and you start creating content…