What To Do With A Cold Email List

In email marketing, a "cold list" is an email list that hasn't been emailed in a long time (several months) or where open rates are under 10%. This matters because cold lists generally do not result in additional traffic or sales and may experience a large number of unsubscribes, which are both problems in different ways. In this article we cover how to extract the remaining value from a cold list and start rebuilding what was once a group of interested people wanting your great content.

How to determine if an email list is cold

Cold email lists are generally email lists that were built up a year or more ago and which didn't receive any content for an extended period of time. What happens when there is a big content gap and people don't open emails from the list is that they simply list interest and don't remember why it was worth their time to open the email and check it out.

Thinking about my personal experience with my email inbox, I experience this exact thing all the time. After months of silence I get something from a past subscription and instead of reading it I just archive or trash it. Eventually I generally open it and unsubscribe.

So, cold lists have two major problems:

  1. Recipients don't open new emails
  2. Recipients are inclined to unsubscribe

And, it goes without saying that if someone doesn't open an email, they're not going to convert to a lead, sale, website visitor, or whatever other act you're wanting them to do.

When an email list from one of our brands gets less than 10% opens on a new email or when we haven't emailed in 6 months, we consider it cold.

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We go on to cover:

  • How to extract the remaining value from the list
  • What content to share to get things going again
  • How to start rebuilding a great performing list

Email marketing is a gift... When people allow you to access their email inbox directly you have something amazing. Making the most of email marketing easily increases sales, leads, and website traffic.

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