Why You Want A Pinterest Account

by | Mar 5, 2018 | Social Media Platforms

Pinterest is unlike any other social media platform right now. It is a place to save ideas for later based on images and videos. People coming to your website from Pinterest will be some of the highest converting visitors you receive just due to that idea-saving nature of the platform. That said, pinterest isn't for everyone and people on Pinterest may not be interested in your type of business at all. Let go in to a little more depth so you know how to make use of Pinterest.

How Pinterest started

Pinterest was launched in March 2010 as a place where users could save and categorize images. Users could also follow other users boards and profiles. Pinterest relies on its users to create the "content" by "pinning" images on the platform. Within a year the platform had 11 million visits per week.

How people use Pinterest

The best way to understand how people use Pinterest is to start be describing who these people are: hobbyists, vacation planners, do-it-yourselfers, cooks, and crafters. They are also heavily women... Between 60% and 80%

These people use Pinterest to collect images that represent a project or a place to visit, or an idea for something new that they may do in the future.

This is done by finding an image on the Internet and "pinning" it to a specific board on a users profile. For example, an image from a blog post about a unique ice cream recipe might go an on a Pinterest board focused on Ice Cream. Users following that board can now "repin" that image to their own boards, causing the image to be "shared" among Pinterest users and gaining a broader exposure.

Now, imagine this happening tens of millions of times per day.

Should my business be active on Pinterest?

If your business has anything to do with arts, crafts, do-it-yourself projects, fashion, antiques, or weddings, you need to have a Pinterest Business account. Beyond that, time should be spent filling up the boards on the business Pinterest account with topics interesting to Pinterest users so that they can discover and follow those boards. And, beyond that, when a new product or blog post is launched the featured image from that post should be unique and immediately pinned on the appropriate board so that the business account gets credit as the original "pinner".

AssetLab Marketing operates some of its own internet brands and we use Pinterest to drive early traffic to these website because it is so easy to get exposure... It's just like Reddit in this regard.

Business accounts can offer products for sale inside the boards created by the business. Businesses can also advertise on Pinterest in a variety of ways.

How to measure ROI

Measurement is simple with these considerations:

  • Time spent producing image content
  • Time spent pinning and interacting on Pinterest
  • Number of website visitors
  • Number of product purchases

Many people ask us whether they can use logos for…