How To Transfer A WP-Engine Account To A Client

by | Nov 15, 2017 | Blog, How To

If you find yourself in the position where you need to transfer an entire WP-Engine account to a client then there is one little hiccup to be dealt with... the Account Name. In the scheme of things everything is easy except for this. There are two reasons this matters:

  • You probably picked an Account Name (which you use as the username) that is meaningful to you, not the client
  • This is the username...

Now, before you go on. It is very important to understand that these are instructions for moving the entire account, not just a single WordPress Install.

Pro-Tip: Try to never find yourself in this situation... It's better to just transfer the install to a client account.

Steps to transfer a WP-Engine Account to a Client:

  1. Add a new user as an Owner
  2. Have the client change the billing information on the account
  3. Have the client change the Technical Contacts if they are changing
  4. Log in as the client (or with the client) and verify they have control of everything and billing is up to date
  5. Remove your user so that you are no longer on the account (assuming this is appropriate)

The client is now in control of the account.

Did you notice though that the Account Name is still whatever you picked when you signed up? Yeah, it's not actually something that can be changed. This is why it is far better to simply transfer the install to the client. If you want to do that, just contact Support and they will let you know what you need to do.

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