Social Media And Social Trust, There’s A Difference

by | Mar 24, 2018 | Social Trust

Social media is a well known thing. We post content and view content and share what we like on social media. Social Trust is something different. Social Trust is a measurement by people who see your business online, a measurement that helps them understand what sort of experience they can expect when they do business with your business.

Social Trust is determined based on the information you place online about your business as well as the information other people place online such as reviews and star-ratings and pictures and videos. More specifically, people look at:

  • Star-ratings
  • Written reviews
  • Pictures
  • Business information on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and others
  • Recent social media content

So, social media is the content. Social trust is a determination of whether your business is worth doing business with. And, so you can see it's importance.

Social Trust can also be describes as a process, as in "establishing trust". In these days when referrals have changed from being personal to being an assessment of sentiment for the worth of products and value of services. People now look to the information about a business that is online instead of considering the words of a few trusted friends and relatives recommending a product or business.

The internet has fundamentally changed the process of shopping.

Instead of trusting the department store which has a brand and reputation to provide products of a minimum quality that can be purchased comfortably. Now, shoppers look at star ratings and written reviews to make decisions at the product level. When seeking services for the home or office shoppers look for businesses with a certain level of quality which is informed by Social Trust indicators.

How To Setup And Influence Social Trust

  • Post social media content on Facebook, and perhaps other platforms, at least once per month
  • Make sure all business directory information is up to date on Facebook, Yelp, Google, and other relevant platforms
  • Ask happy customers to create reviews covering their experience
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