Simple Website Tips To Get More Leads

by | Dec 11, 2017 | Blog, How To

The explosive adoption of mobile phones, online shopping, and social media in the last 5 years has resulted in major changes to website design. Visitors are looking for a website experience that is easy to use, sells them on a single page, and makes it easy to reach out to the business via email or phone. In this article, we cover five simple hacks for your website that grow the number of visitors that convert into sales leads.

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Hack #1 - Add A Mobile “Call” Button

Way back in October 2016 mobile internet traffic surpassed desktops and laptops and it is getting more significant every month. This means that more and more people are using your website with a very small screen from a device that makes phone calls.

To make it easier for people on their phones to reach out there is one extremely powerful website hack you can use: The “Call” button. These are generally links or buttons on a website that make it easy for visitors to reach out. When a visitor clicks a call button from their phone it automatically opens up the telephone app on their device and enters the phone number you set. All the mobile phone user has to do from there is click the call button and they instantly turn into a lead.

Call buttons are commonly banners or buttons on a website. Some stay in place at the top or bottom of the screen when a mobile device is detected and others are simply links or images on the website alongside other content. We recommend using both.

Hack #2 - Place A Phone Number In A Sticky Header

Selling services is about converting website visitors into business leads. To help people convert from a mobile or desktop computer it is critical that you show a phone number prominently on the website. The best way to do this is to display the business phone number in the header of the website and to keep it at the top of the screen all the time.

Studies focused on eCommerce websites show that people are more likely to initiate contact when there is a phone number displayed in the header, even though most people never call. Your business website can capitalize on this situation.

There are two aspects to this hack:

  1. Put the business phone number prominently in the header
  2. (Bonus) Make the top menu of the website sticky to the top of the page

A sticky header and menu is one that stays at the top of the page when a website visitor scrolls down the page.

Hack #3 - Add Quote Forms To Content Pages

Contact forms on websites have been in style since the 1990’s. But, did you know that not very many people visit them? There is a better way.

Website visitors don’t want to have to load a new page just to get in contact with a business and so now, we bring the contact forms to them.

At AssetLab we recommend that clients place quote and contact forms:

  • On the bottom of the homepage
  • Under galleries, reviews, testimonials, and near great sales content

Forms should require as few fields as is practical before being submitted to keep the burden on the visitor low.

Hack #4 - Use A “One-Page” Layout

The explosion of Facebook, Instagram, news feeds, and other scrolling-oriented apps on phones has significantly shifted website designs. These days, the best converting websites are long and have many rows of information that tell the story of the business and help visitors convert to leads. We refer to this as a “one-page” design because businesses can literally cover everything on one-page if they choose to.

Adding content to the website homepage is easy. Here is the recommended list of content, in order.

  1. Full-width image or slider
  2. Customer Proposition
  3. Services
  4. About Us
  5. Portfolio or Instagram feed
  6. Reviews or Testimonials
  7. Contact form or Quote form

To DIY this change simply find a few websites with a great “One-Page” homepage design and work to apply what you like to your own website.

Hack #5 - Show Reviews And Review Ratings On The Homepage

Reviews and star-ratings are important in this age of Internet-based shopping. Reviews provide important information about likely customer satisfaction without the need for a personal referral. As reviews become more important Google, Facebook and others have started featuring reviews prominently.

On a business website there are two easy ways to help visitors convert to leads with this information:

  1. If the business has a good star-rating, include images with the rating on the website
  2. Include some unique and positive customer reviews on the website

Usability studies show that a high percentage of visitors look at ratings when they are on the homepage. We also see a high number of visitors that read reviews posted on websites. Help visitors convert by placing both on the homepage.

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These five simple website hacks make a big difference in the number of visitors who choose to engage with your business. Don’t be afraid to take these changes on yourself or to hire someone to help you. Making your website better at bringing in customers is worth it.

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