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We've created tons of websites. We've run tons of social media campaigns. We've created eCommerce stores, magazines, product companies, membership websites, nonprofit websites, informational authority websites, training programs, and countless other brands. We've worked with companies that provide online chat services, toll-free phone numbers, website hosting, social media management, credit card processing, affiliate programs and just about whatever else you can think of. With all of this experience we've tried a lot of providers and discovered first-hand what is good and bad about each of them. On this page you get our #1 recommendation (and in some cases #2 and #3) for each type of services you need. We use these services ourselves! And, we recommend the ones that work the best!


WordPress Website Hosting

WP-Engine is the world leader in managed WordPress website hosting. The global technology platform that your website runs on is specifically designed to run your website super-fast and to make management super-easy. In our experience WordPress websites run about 75% faster on the WP-Engine base plan than on any other Managed Hosting out there. Plans start at $29 per month and you always get 2 months free on signup with an annual payment plan. It includes everything you would want in WordPress hosting. A staging website, password protection, the ability to add new websites to your plan, the ability to upgrade to even faster hosting plans.

  • Fastest Page Load Times
  • Awesome Management Platform
  • Free Staging Website
  • Can Easily Add Sites
  • 2-Months Free

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GoDaddy runs one of the easiest-to-manage Managed WordPress hosting programs available today and in the last couple years they have completely reworked Customer Support so you get a fast response and help with everything about running WordPress. GoDaddy also has reasonable prices on Domain Names and related products which makes it a great option for consolidating your online assets. Many of our professional clients started with GoDaddy. Plans start at $10/month.

  • Extremely popular hosting company
  • Easy to use management platform
  • US and EU data centers

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Customer Service

Bonjoro is a super simple platform that lets you send short personal videos to your leads and customers. I used it extensively as part of our online furniture store to thank customers for their order and let them know to reach out to me directly if they had any questions. My customers love it! There is a free tier with bonjoro branding and a paid tier with custom branding.

With bonjoro you can:

  • Convert more leads
  • Send personal thank you videos
  • Provide instructions for getting started
  • Provide some WOW that separates you from the pack

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Shopify is one of the most popular online shopping platforms. Shopify is a platform that is excellent at serving companies that sell online and is quite affordable. It leads the industry at integrating sales in to other systems such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and other websites. It also has an industry leading credit card fraud prevention system. 

  • Attractive sales websites
  • Excellent functionality for selling online
  • Integration with other sales platforms
  • Integration with thousands of other online tools, systems, and platforms
  • Excellent fraud detection and prevention included in all plans
  • No need to make your business a credit card processor (quite a benefit)

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Zapier is a system that connects the systems you already use and automates tasks in them. For example, we use Zapier to automatically add new sales leads to the contact lists on our phones. To create Sales Receipts in Quickbooks and Bonjoro tasks when a new order comes in. There are countless things that can be done and hundreds of systems that are available for integration including QuickBooks Online, Trello, WordPress, Shopify, MailChimp, ConvertKit, Google Drive, Microsoft 365, and Bonjoro.

  • Zapier automates things you already do, or with you had time to do
  • It connects to hundreds of different online systems
  • It can send emails and create todo's
  • It is extremely helpful for selling online

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FraudLabs Pro (which has a free tier) is a global eCommerce fraud risk scoring system. Using data from hundreds of thousands of merchants, it evaluates orders in real time for known fraud patterns and compares the order information to its online fraud database to assess risk and provide guidance on whether to fulfill the order. This is our GO TO detection system for dropshippers and we recommend it to AssetLab Marketing clients.

  • Detect high risk orders at the time they are placed
  • Receive alerts when a high risk order is palced
  • Conduct additional investigation right in the FraudLabs Pro interface
  • Free plugin for WooCommerce and other platforms
  • Basic free tier and many paid tier options

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Email Engagement And Marketing

MailChimp is a well known email platform and it provides free accounts for up to 2000 list members. MailChimp easily integrates with WordPress, Shopify, Wix, and countless other systems. It also provides most modern email marketing and techniques including newsletters, sequences, automatic follow up, automated interactions, and full reporting. At AssetLab Marketing we use MailChimp for many of our brands.

  • Free accounts with up to 2000 list members
  • Ability to collect subscribers from websites
  • Direct integration with many eCommerce platforms
  • Email sequences, drip sequences, newsletters

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ConvertKit is an email marketing company that specializes in sequences. These may be product sales sequences, training sequences, and customer service sequences. Newsletters are also easily done using this platform. It easily integrates with many systems and can be set to collect email addresses from websites and stores. The minimum account tier starts at about $30 per month and the functionality offered is rather superior to other platforms. We use ConvertKit for our training focused brands.

  • Excellent training, sales, and customer focused sequences
  • Email marketing automation with triggers and forms and downloads
  • Great looking newsletters and ad-hoc emails

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Tracking And Accounting

QuickBooks Online is an accounting software suite that lets you manage all your financial records in a single place from any place you have an internet connection. At AssetLab we use it from our phones, computers, and chromebooks. QuickBooks can collect payment on invoices, handle payroll, and is extremely accountant friendly. We take it even further and automate several business processes using Zapier which can take actions and update records in QBO.

  • Full-suite accounting software
  • Collects payment from your customer Invoices
  • Payroll handling
  • Integrations with many other tools

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