Mobile Friendly Matters

by | Mar 18, 2018 | Website Design Basics

In this lesson we will go through why mobile friendly matters. You will get better understanding of why having a mobile friendly website can mean success over failure.

You see, mobile matters! In October 2016 mobile internet traffic surpassed desktop internet traffic for the first time, and it's share has gone up every month since then.

And remember how I said that a website is a marketing tool? Well, that means that if it isn't helping your business reach its goals then it is a waste of money. So, it is worth having a website that converts visitors well.

Go-to criteria for design the look and feel of a website:

  1. It looks good on a mobile phone
  2. It looks okay on a desktop
  3. The homepage is in a long-scrolling format with at least 5 separate rows of content (thank you Social Media)
  4. It feels like a store, if it is a store
  5. It feels like a contact website, if it is for a services business
  6. It has a big red Donate button, if it is for a nonprofit
  7. It is visual with supporting text
  8. It has a consistent look and feel on every page
  9. All URLs are completely flat under the homepage... no folders! (i.e.
  10. Visitor conversion can be measured
  11. Website load time is under 5 seconds

In this lesson we will go through how to organize…