Jeff’s Résumé

by | Oct 25, 2017

Jeff's Résumé - Meet The Team

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Jeffrey Kelly ("The Guru")

In October 2015 Jeff and a business partner purchased a very small online store selling gag gifts. With one or two orders coming in per day and sometimes bursts when we hit a good run on social media we started experimenting with online marketing. We experimented with Twitter ads, Facebook ads, page ads, Bing ads, Google AdWords, newspapers, college leaflets, and everything else we could think of. We also started working on reporters we could find online to gain coverage.

Around this time we also had a lot of competition for our primary product: anonymous personalized messages sent in the mail on a potato... So we were rapidly working to submit copyright infringement reports and IP take-down requests.

We started getting press coverage from some larger newspapers and gift guides at the end of January 2016. Then something big happened. BuzzFeed picked us up and we made our way to the top of the homepage. For over 48 hours we were the most shared and liked article, staying in that first position.

We went from selling a couple per day to selling 362 orders in 48 hours.

We were in new and uncharted territory, so we ran ahead full steam. We hired people, we contracted with a publicist, we brought on international Potato Artists. We did newspaper interviews, TV interviews, radio interviews, and podcast spots. For about two months the attention was crazy.

We went viral not because of luck or chance but because we created an environment to facilitate it and we had a product that worked great on social media... people just loved sharing it. That's what took it viral.

So, after a 10 year career at Microsoft, Amazon, and Expedia in technology and management Jeff jumped from a "real job" and started an online marketing business.

AssetLab Academy is the culmination of years of technology and marketing experience all brought together so that you can learn what works right now for your business. You want to bring more people in to your location. You want to sell more online. You want to build a social media following that you can market to. That's what we do, and we've poured all our knowledge and secrets into AssetLab Academy.

Highlights of Our Work

  • We've worked with services businesses, stores, political candidates, and nonprofits
  • We've taken eCommerce brands viral in months
  • We've consistently doubled website lead generation in months
  • We've grown and sold over 15 websites from our portfolio generating 6-figure "paydays" using the exact techniques you will learn
  • We've been through the whole business cycle by starting businesses, buying businesses, selling them, and shutting down one that didn't make it

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