Increasing Services Sales With Electronic Signatures

by | Apr 29, 2018 | How To

We focus mostly on online marketing here at AssetLab Academy and so this post is a little different, but we want to give you a great pro tip that will help those of you with services businesses close more deals. We think about online marketing as a marketing funnel and we work with people every day to improve the number of people coming in to and out of the bottom of the funnel. A critical task for selling services is taking those folks who converted to leads as part of the marketing funnel in to customers as part of the sales process. With more people spending more time on mobile phones and away from computers and printers your sales process might be in need of an improvement.

One of the last steps in selling a services package is getting the contract signed. Pre-internet we all did this with fax machines and the US Postal Service. With the arrival of the internet we were able to upgrade from fax machines and USPS to scans of printed documents sent over email. Now, it is time to take another jump because most people using the internet don't come across a printer or scanner in their daily lives.

That means that sending a PDF to be printed, signed, scanned, and emailed is asking a potential customer to do a lot.

Enter Electronic Signatures. The courts are the body that has given the pen more power than the sword and they have set the precedent that when a certain process is followed, people can be considered to have signed their name digitally. These are Electronic Signatures. You may heard to this as eSigning or an eSignature and there are many companies that specialize in this such as DocuSign, Adobe, and HelloSign.

Using eSign technology has a huge benefit... research has shown that eSign documents get signed over 16% more often than paper or emailed PDF documents!

So, if you're providing services to other businesses or consumers and those people need to sign a contract to get things started... it is time to offer a process that allows for electronic signatures.

At AssetLab Marketing we have used DocuSign and HelloSign. Both companies adhere to all applicable US legal standards and are easy to use. The pricing for HelloSign is friendlier to businesses with a small number of documents that need to be signed while DocuSign has a little better experience and offers a free initial trial. Our current go-to is HelloSign. ~Jeff

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