How To Write A Good Website Article

by | Mar 19, 2018 | Website Content

Once you establish a website and you start creating content and get the first Facebook likes and shares you realize the value of a good written article. This lesson on how to write a good website article will give you a good starting point and guide you to perfecting your article writing for your website to always have unique content.

There are Best Practices for creating website articles and so many people fail to follow them. When you hit on these practices consistently you create more interesting and informative content which real people enjoy and so more real people will come.

Let me share these with you so you can add them to every piece of content you create.

  1. Always include a "Featured Image" that is a pro-level photo or graphic
  2. Always write at least 500 words of copy on the topic using easy to read sentences and paragraphs
  3. Always edit by running spell check and reading it aloud before publishing it
  4. Always link to at least one other page on the website
  5. Always link to at least one other page on another website
  6. Always use headings
  7. Always genuinely add value to the person reading the article
  8. Always include some sort of soft or hard sell... this is about making money after all

Photos play a crucial rule in website's design and in…