How To Sign Up For GoDaddy Managed WordPress And Grant Pro Access

by | Nov 22, 2017 | Blog, How To

Managed WordPress hosting plans take a lot of the complexity out of running WordPress by handling the technical details required to actually run WordPress. With one of these plans, you can just work inside the WordPress Admin area to create and manage your website and not worry about the technical stuff.

In the 2000's GoDaddy had reputation problems, however we haven't experienced those problems in the last 5 years. Much of the AssetLab portfolio of websites is running on GoDaddy, so we're not just saying this... we really do recommend them based on our experience. If you're just getting started, we recommend the GoDaddy Managed WordPress Ultimate plan.

Here's what we like about the Ultimate Managed WordPress plan:

  • Its cheap, at just $15/month
  • Daily backups and automatic security updates are built in
  • Free 24/7 phone support
  • A free SSL Certificate for the first year is included (in future years you save $5 on that certificate)
  • There is plenty of space to store your files and images
  • There are some great Pro features for you or the person helping with your website

If you choose to work with AssetLab as your Online Marketing agency there are two additional benefits:

  • You can set us up as a "Pro" on your account without having to hand out your username and password
  • When you're setup with AssetLab Marketing as your Pro, you get the benefit of our top-tier support status with them

How To Sign Up For GoDaddy Managed WordPress Ultimate

Here's how to get setup, if you're starting from scratch:

  1. Go to
  2. Select WordPress from the top menu
  3. Now, select Add to Cart under the Ultimate plan
  4. If you need a domain name, they provide one free for one year when you sign up for this account. Feel free to add one to your order if you need one, otherwise skip it
  5. Now, one of GoDaddy's sales tactics is to sign you up for a long time... we suggest 12-month terms at the most. That way if you change hosting later because you're wildly successfyl you're not out a ton of money. At the same time, you get a better price than going monthly. You will also want to remove any extra items attached to your cart like "Standard SSL" or "Office 365 Starter Email"
  6. Click "Register" and enter your payment information to get setup.

You're setup with an account now, so it's time to move on and add a Pro to your account if you're working with someone. You should never provide your username and password to someone else... there's just too much risk in that. GoDaddy makes it easy to add people with the correct rights to your account.

How To Add A Pro To Your GoDaddy Account

Here's what you need to do to provide access to your GoDaddy account for someone to help manage it for you.

  1. Sign in to your account at GoDaddy:
  2. In the upper right, next to your name, click the down arrow
  3. Select "Account Settings" to load the "My Profile" page
  4. Scroll down and select the "Delegate Access" button
  5. Here you will see any people who already have access to your account. This is a good time to remove people if they're no longer working with you.
  6. When you're ready, click the "+ Grant Access" link
  7. Now you enter the Name, Email, and Access Level for the person you are adding.It's okay to enter "Manage Products & Domains" for a team member, or Pro, you are working with when you don't have experience with them. At AssetLab, when we work with clients we suggest they start there. Once they are comfortable with us changing their products ourselves instead of asking them to do it, they increase the permissions to include Purchasing. Don't expose your business to too much risk when you're starting something new!

    Note: If you're working with AssetLab enter "Jeffrey Kelly - AssetLab" and "". Then select the appropriate access level.


  8. Finish up by clicking "Invite".

You've done what you need to do at this point. What happens next is that the person you invited receives an email offering account access to them. If they accept, you're all setup.

At AssetLab Academy we recommend two Managed WordPress hosting companies.…