How To Get Free Professional Photos

by | Mar 19, 2018 | Social Media Basics, Website Content

Photos play a crucial rule in website's design and in website's content. It's that significant that I don't think anyone remembers when was the last time they have seen a website or a blog without any photo on it or inside the body of an article. This lesson will give you our insights on how to get free professional photos (stock photographs).

I remember the first time I saw a blog post with a professional photo and I noticed the photo credit at the end of the article. I was amazed. For years I had been curious about where the world found its beautiful professional photos... because photography doesn't pay all that well. Then I noticed it on an article on the website of InVigor Law in Seattle.

The photo credit was to someone at Flickr.

That opened my eyes to the License search results filter on Flickr and that there was a "Commercial Use" option there. With the proper credit any of the photos with that license could be used anywhere. Flickr's selection of obscure images is great but the level of professionalism isn't consistent.

Then I discovered

Unsplash started as a "1 new photo per day for free use website". Now I don't know how often new images are released. The scoop is these are all excellent professional photos and you will find them on websites and in advertising everywhere around you! With Unsplash images, no credit is needed because of their license.

There are others too, PixaBay and Plexus just to name two that I have used personally.

If you need to do any cropping or resizing and you don't have an image editing package on your computer (or you use a Chromebook, like me) you can use my Go-To: Pixlr Editor

Need to do some simple visual work or graphic design on those free images? I use Design Wizard and Canva. They are really easy to use, create great quality graphics, and have all the different sizes I need for sharing on social media ready to go.

Software suits like Adobe and others can be extremely expensive…