How To Create Good YouTube Videos On The Cheap

by | Mar 19, 2018 | How To


The gap between home-made quality video on YouTube and a video that represents your business or organization professionally is actually really small. The videos we create for and other brands use consumer grade equipment that is easily purchased on Amazon and delivered in just a couple days. It is also easy to use and edit. Here's what we use and how we put it together.

The three factors you need to improve to make videos that separate themselves are:

  1. Video quality (think "lights", "tripod", and "slider")
  2. Audio quality (think "microphone")
  3. Presentation (simple video editing package)

Video Quality

Stability comes in three forms (noted here) and lighting is really simple as well.

  1. Stability while recording from a fixed point (a tripod)
  2. Stability while moving side to side (a slider)
  3. Stability while walking (a stabilizer)

Here's what we use:

You can spend a lot more money to get nicer gear with better features and ease of use, but to start, just start.

Audio Quality

The audio recording capability of a phone or GoPro are rather poor, particularly if the subject is more than 5 feet away. Most of our filming requires voice-overs, interviews, and capturing presentations. To get great quality audio and separates us from the pack we use an audio recorder and simple lapel microphone. Again, to step up from here there are tons of options at higher costs but that is all unnecessary if you're just starting out.

Video Presentation

To put the video and audio together, add simple transitions, incorporate titles and images or screenshots, and computer screen captures we use a simple video editing package for Windows.

The Video Creation Process

With this equipment the video creation and editing process looks like this:

  1. Charge the batteries
  2. Setup the lights
  3. Setup audio recording and video recording
  4. Record
  5. Transfer video and audio to a folder on your computer
  6. Create a new Camtasia project with the media in that folder
  7. Sync up the video and audio and add transitions and stuff
  8. Create the video file
Pro Tip: Get Help
If you want help with recommendations for your specific situation and goals become a free member and give a shout in the Facebook group.


Pro Tip: Live Session Recording
If you're filming a live event or training session you might want more than one camera setup with the simple audio recording equipment on the presenters.


Pro Tip: Podcasts
If you're creating a podcast you can simply use the audio equipment and Camtasia to handle recording and production.
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