How To Convert More Visitors Into Donors

by | Mar 19, 2018 | Website Design Basics

In this lesson we will go through the topic of how to convert more visitors into donors. This is a crucial topic even though it's shot. It holds important information that you can get as a pro tip from an experienced internet marketer.

For nonprofits, there are some specific techniques that can be employed to help people who visit an organization website become donors:

  1. Provide a Red-Backed-Donate-Button on the main menu that links straight to a single-page donation and payment form
  2. Provide information about the organizational mission, leadership, and a request for donations (as a conversion row) at the bottom of that page
  3. Run a modern-looking website. One of the biggest detractors for donors is coming to the website and finding that it is old and out of date... that reflects poorly on the organization.

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