How To Build A Social Media Following

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Online Advertising

The value of a social media following for your business is really that once it is created, a social media following is a low cost advertising channel. Realize though, building a following takes time and energy and effort. Creating the following is not cheap... it's only cheap once you have it. In this article we go through the principles you need to follow to create a following.

Let's back up for a minute and ask a really important question: Why should I build a Social Media following?

For a business, a social media following represents an advertising channel and audience. Once you have a following you get to expose them to your brand and content and advertising for a very low cost. That doesn't mean that a following is cheap to build though...

There are four basic approaches to growing a Social Media following:

  1. Post awesome content that people share and as a result, gain followers
  2. Pay to advertise your awesome content (or profile) and as a result, gain followers
  3. Incentivize people to follow your profile with perks, coupons, and contests
  4. Collaborate with people in return for social media action

Here's the AssetLab Academy recommended approach:

  • Post great media on a predictable schedule and use best practices like tagging people
  • Boost your profile with a small budget to friends of the people who already follow you
  • Ask customers and fans to follow you (ask in person, with your voice) and spread the word on social media
  • Hold coupon contests from time to time where people follow the profile in return for entries

Here's an example of what we shared on the MysteryPotato Twitter profile to get people engaged.

Now the only problem with this sort of post is that it is a little direct... a much better post for getting reaction is an unboxing video or image or customer picture with the potato. Like these from customers.

Here is an example of a Page Ad on Facebook. We use these if we can find an audience that responds to them... starting with the friends of followers is generally a good place to start.

Once you have people who follow your page it becomes really important to continue getting them great content on a very predictable schedule. Nothing else will keep them interested and get them to share with their friends, which is a lot cheaper than boosting posts and profiles.

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