How To Advertise Services and Get Leads

Advertising services is quite different than advertising physical products for a few reasons:

  1. People may not know they want the service
  2. People may not know your business sells the service
  3. Simple Google searches may not bring your website to the top for people to find

As a result, service advertising is different than product advertising. For our marketing services business, AssetLab Marketing, we use the following techniques:

  • Retargeting Display Ads
  • Google Search AdWords Ads
  • Bing Search Ads
  • Pay for the first level of Yelp membership
  • Display Ads on websites where the typical customer demographic frequents
  • Business Directory Memberships where potential customers frequent

As we advertise we are focused on creating leads. A Lead is a person who has engaged with us to get more information on the services we provide. On a website this might be a contact form, chat box, or phone number. On social media it might be a direct message.