How To Advertise On Waze

by | Mar 17, 2018 | Advertising Platforms

Waze was the first company to bring peer-to-peer traffic information to peoples phones in a big way. It started by just collecting speed information and providing navigation. Then it started changing navigation based on traffic. Then it let drivers report accidents, police cars, potholes, and other situations. Google bought it several years ago and now Google Maps is partially powered by the Waze technology.

Waze is a particularly interesting advertising platform for restaurants, bars, gas stations, coffee stands, tire and oil change companies because people use Waze while they are in their cars. If you attract travelers or commuters, Waze is worth experimenting with.

Waze Search Ads

This type of placement puts your business at the top of search results and displays your brand logo, which other search results do not include.

Waze Map Pin Ads

While using the app, most people are looking at a map. Map Pins provide a visual call out of your location on the map that people can interact with, opening a small "billboard" on the map and allowing them to get more information or add your location to their navigation route.

Waze Takeover Ads

This ad unit provides more information about your business and any active special offers while drivers are stopped, for example at red lights. There is a clear Add A Stop call to action on these ads so the driver can easily find your location.

In this lesson we will go though how people shop online.…