How To Advertise On Pinterest

by | Mar 17, 2018 | Advertising Platforms

Pinterest is an amazing advertising opportunity for product businesses and some services businesses. The 200 million people on Pinterest create "boards" which contain pictures which are known as "pins." Boards often represent a group of ideas for an event or project that will happen in that person's life.

Go through the whole lesson and you will be more than ready to start advertising on Pinterest because in this lesson you have all the basics in one place, written in a way that a first time Pinterest user will understand.

The advertising opportunity that Pinterest represents that other platforms do not is that you can target people with specific pins or topics represented in their Boards. Women with a "Wedding Ideas" board are likely collecting ideas for a future wedding. If your business provides products or services for weddings then this could be a great fit.

Promoted Pins

As a business, when you create Pins you have the opportunity to promote them to a target audience. This is the classic advertising method for social media where a piece of content you create is pushed to users that would not normally see something from the business account. When people interact with the pin it opens in a full screen, like any other pin.

Promoted Video Pins

These are exactly like Promoted Pins, they are simply video content instead of an image pinned from a website. When people interact with the pin it opens up in a full screen.

One-Tap Pins

These promoted pins are different in that they take the user straight to the website where the pin was created from. As of Fall 2017 these ad types are not available to all business accounts. There is some question as to how Pinterest users will react to these types of ads since they will not remain in the Pinterest App or on the Website.

Promoted App Pins

Use these to promote a phone app. These are advertisements shown only on the Pinterest App which, when clicked, results in the App user being taken to the appropriate App Store to download the advertised App.

Cinematic Pins

The Pinterest App and Website are much like a social feed where pictures are moving past. Cinematic pins show a video to the user as they scroll past. Since most of the content on the page is static they capture attention quite well.

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