How To Advertise On Instagram

by | Mar 17, 2018 | Advertising Platforms

Instagram is a social media platform built around images and videos. From its start Instagram has attracted people who want to share pictures of what is happening now. These days there are millions of users and they like to follow people and search for content based on ideas, or Hashtags. Instagram is a lot like Twitter in this regard, where people spend a lot of time looking at content that is interesting, not just content from their friends.

In this lesson we will go through all you need to start your first advertising campaign and spread the word about your brand and services or products you offer.

There are several ways to advertise, here is a rundown.

Photo Ads

This is a very straightforward advertisement to run on Instagram. It is based on an image that is posted on a Business account on Instagram. Like a boosted post or promoted tweet, a photo ad is a post that is shown to other people based on paying for clicks. There are a variety of actions to choose from which include follows, likes, shares, and clicks.

Video Ads

Video Ads are just like Photo Ads in that they are based on a standard piece of Instagram content. The video can be shown to the audience you specify, like other advertising types and provides a much more engaging experience for viewers.

Carousel Ads

Carousel ads are a set of images all together that Instagram users can flip through. It is a bit of a balance between the Photo Ad and the Video Ad... it provides some more content but doesn't go all the way to Video.

Stories Ads

Stories are a huge hit on Instagram and as an Advertiser you can take advantage of them as well. Stories are videos or images that people create and post on Instagram that only live for 24 hours. Stories are a lot like posts on Snapchat which only live for a short time. In 2017 Instagram started featuring and promoting stories in the app at the top of the screen when someone opens it up. Promoted stories get mixed in with follower stories so for an app user, they just see them as the next story they are viewing.

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