How To Advertise eCommerce Products

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Online Advertising

Product advertising on Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms is different than just "Advertising". In this article we cover how to think about the products you want to advertise so that you choose the right platforms and approaches to advertising. Everything we mentioned in "How To Advertise Online Without Losing A Ton Of Money" applies directly so if you haven't started there... start there.

There are two types of products when it comes to product advertising online:

  1. Products that many businesses sell and so are in constant competition
  2. Products that only one business sells (or a product that shoppers don't know about)

To advertise competitive products we use the following techniques. NotSitting is an example of a brand uses all of these...

Advertising products that shoppers do not know that they want, or don't know about is a much different experience... We did this with MysteryPotato, to great success.

  • Social Media Boosted Posts
  • Google Display Ads
  • Display Ads on websites where the typical customer demographic frequents
  • Email Lists
  • Social Media Contests

An extremely powerful way to reduce your advertising spend and keep generating sales is called Retargeting.

Retargeting is quite simply advertising to people who have already visited a website. This is an extremely cost effective way to advertise products and services. The reason it works so well at such a low cost is that the people being shown the advertisement already know your business and likely have an intent to buy. The only drawback to this type of approach is that you must generate website visitors to have a target audience.

If you’re not quite sure where to start with advertising, then this is generally the most cost effective method, though not the simplest to setup.

Advertising services is quite different than advertising physical products for…