How To Advertise A Physical Store

Stores have a very unique advertising experience because the primary result they are looking for from advertisements is the number of people coming through the front door. We recommend many of the same advertising techniques for stores as for products and services with some notable differences. These techniques work but remember that it is critical to Test And Learn. Start counting the people coming through the door and asking them where they found you so you can get some idea as to the effectiveness of the various ads you are testing.

  • Retargeting Display Ads
  • Google Search AdWords Ads
  • Bing Search Ads
  • Pay for the first level of Yelp membership
  • Display Ads on websites where the typical customer demographic frequents
  • Business Directory Memberships where potential customers frequent
  • Social media post boosts
  • Social media profile ads

Social Trust is an extremely important component of advertising for your store. Social Trust in this context are the reviews on websites like Yelp, Angie's List, TripAdvisor, Facebook, and Google. You absolutely need a process that encourages very satisfied customers to create reviews for your business and to share their experience with their peers on social media.