Create A Google Analytics / Google AdWords Retargeting Audience

by | Nov 16, 2017 | Blog, How To

Retargeting is the most amazing feature that the Internet has brought to the advertising space. As a quick review, retargeting is quite simply advertising to folks who have already been exposed to your brand. This is revolutionary because via the Internet we can track the folks that interact with your website(s), advertise specifically to them, and track the individual sales or leads generated from this advertising spend. Why is this so cool? Well, you know exactly what advertising spend is resulting in sales, and how much sales. TV and Newspaper cannot claim that!

Before you get started with this, you will need:

  • A Google AdWords account. If you don't have one, follow these instructions.
  • Admin access to the Google Analytics and Google AdWords accounts

How To Setup A Retargeting Audience In Google Analytics

  1. Log in to the Google Analytics account:
  2. Select the website property that you want to create the audience for... you may have just one...
  3. Now click at the bottom of the window on "Admin"
  4. Then, in the middle of the three column menu, select "Audience Definitions" and "Audiences"
  5. If you have not done it before, you will need to link the Google Analytics account with the AdWords account you use for this website. If you don't have an AdWords account hop over to these How-To-Create-An-AdWords-Account instructions and come back once the account is setup. If you're a Pro setting this up for someone else, you will need to have Admin access to the AdWords account.
  6. Click "Link AdWords" and select the AdWords account from the list
  7. Once you link accounts you will need to wait around 1 day for Google to make the connection between accounts. Once that time has passed, come back to complete the setup

Finish Audience Setup Once Analytics And AdWords Are Connected

  1. Log in to the Google Analytics account:
  2. Select the website property that you want to create the audience for, click on "Admin", and then "Audience Definitions" and "Audiences". If you get lost, the screenshots are in the above instructions...
  3. Now click "+ New Audience" to get started. By default I suggest you create the All Users audience, like this:
  4. You can also experiment with creating audiences specific to product or service pages so that you have a group you can advertise to very directly based on what they viewed


Now you are building a retargeting audience in Google AdWords that you can use to advertise to... you're about to go big on Ads!

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