How To Give Satisfied Customers Google Review Links

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How To Give Satisfied Customers Google Review Links

When you have a very satisfied customer it is important that you capitalize on that opportunity. One of the best ways to do that right now (Fall 2017) is to ask them to create a positive review of your business on a Social Trust platform. Social Trust platforms are those websites that capture star and written reviews and show up along side your business when you do a Google search.

Google My Business is one of the most important platforms to have reviews on. This platform is used by Google to show information on the first page about your business when someone looks for it in a map or with a text search. Asking customers to give you a great review here is really valuable to your business.

Ideally you want to provide the customer with a link they can use to go directly to the review page. This makes it super easy for the customer, which is what you want.

In this post we're giving you the instructions for creating a Google My Business review link.

Creating A Google My Business Review Link

Get Your Google My Business Place ID

  1. Visit the Google PlaceID Lookup tool
  2. Enter your business name at the top of the map
  3. Click on your business name in the list that appears
  4. The PlaceID will be on the map under the business name
  5. Copy that code

Create The Direct Review Link

  1. With your PlaceID in hand
  2. Add the PlaceID to the end of this URL:<place_id>

Here are a couple example links:

Example: Federal Way Custom Jewelers

PlaceID: ChIJLw8dBnhXkFQRmA6zUJNgmuI

Review Link:

Example: PriceCo Furniture


Review Link:

Shortening The Direct Link URL

Since these Google My Business review links are rather long they are a little unfriendly. To make something easier to paste in to email or send in a text follow these instructions.

Example long URL:

Example short URL:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the long URL and click "Shorten URL"
  3. Copy the short URL you are presented
  4. Use the short URL instead of the long URL

Creating A QR Code Of Your Review Link

Another alternative for using your full length URL and passing that around is to create a QR code that people can scan with their mobile phones or tablet to be taken straight to the review page. You can do this with any URL, but we recommend shortening the URL with first to make the image easier to read for phones.

Warning: This section links to a website that makes money by selling you stuff with your QR code on it... just don't buy anything

  1. Follow the instructions to shorten the review link
  2. Go to
  3. Enter the shortened URL in the "Contents" box
  4. To the right, click "Download"
  5. If you want a larger image than is displayed, drag the slider to a larger size
  6. Now click on PNG or JPEG to download an image in that format
  7. Use the QR code on marketing material or place it on a piece of paper at your register that people can use


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