Critical Design Considerations

by | Mar 18, 2018 | Website Design Basics

The Critical Design Considerations is the first lesson of longer series of lessons that will teach you the basics of Web Design and all you need to know when you are considering which web designer and developer to choose or get an idea of how your website should look or which functionalities to have.

Websites are marketing tools. Once you have that really cemented in your mind then it is time to talk about how to design a website that meets your business or organizations needs. Maybe the goal is to bring more people in to a store. Maybe the goal is to generate more online leads for a services business. Maybe the goal is to sell more product. Maybe the goal is to generate more donations. I'm not really sure what exactly your goal is but the thing you need to understand is that your website needs to support that goal. Everything about it needs to feed in to helping visitors accomplish that goal.

So, let's cover website design.

Critical Design Considerations

There are three levels of website design:

  1. Having a website
  2. Having a mobile friendly website
  3. Having a mobile friendly website that converts visitors (remember that a website is a marketing tool)

You can probably find 10,000 places online where you can create a free website in a few minutes. You can probably find about 50,000 online marketing agencies or website shops that would love to make a website for you. But simply having a website is not enough. When we design client websites we go through a very methodical process that is up to date with the latest online marketing techniques to help our client reach Level 3 - a mobile friendly website that converts.

In this lesson, The Components of Design, we will go through the…