Connecting Square And WooCommerce

by | Mar 22, 2018 | Blog

If you're using Square to drive the in-store point of sale there is an opportunity to integrate that with a WordPress website so that you can maintain just one set of data on products and inventory.

The import from Square to WooCommerce:

  • Does not change products already in the store
  • Brings over images and variations for products with SKUs only (don't set SKUs on products you don't want in WooCommerce)
  • Descriptions are not migrated
  • Can take a long time
  • Can make the database slow down a lot (run the database task in WP-Optimize to help speed this up)
  • Sets up a full list of categories, even if no products are imported in to them

The sync from Square to WooCommerce:

  • Updates inventory, automatically marking items as out of stock
  • It does not sync any other attributes of the product on the WooCommerce side

For more information, check out the Square For WooCommerce plugin.

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