How To Update WordPress Plugins?

One of the most important tasks related to well maintained and secure website is making sure your plugins and themes get updated regularly. As software products get old so does the technology they are using and needs to be updated. Not to mention the time hackers have to find exploits in that software during this … [Read more…]

How to add a user to MailChimp

When your business grows most of the activities become overwhelming. To keep progressing and have even more growth it is necessary to find some courage inside you and start delegating the tasks to other people. Adding new user to perform various action on your account on MailChimp is fairly easy to do. This is safer … [Read more…]

WooCommerce: How to update prices by uploading a CSV file

WooCommerce: How to update prices by uploading a CSV file This article provides instructions for updating product prices on a WordPress/WooCommerce website using a file upload. Bulk price changes are really easy once the product is on the site with these instructions

3 Considerations When Starting An Email Newsletter

Starting an email newsletter is a big deal. You probably already have an audience and you’re trying to figure out how to add more value to them, or to you, from that list. Here’s the considerations and process we recommend you go through when choosing to start an email newsletter. There are several important things … [Read more…]