AssetLab Plugins: Footer Copyright Years Calculation

by | Dec 12, 2017 | Blog, How To

In this post we cover the AssetLab Footer Copyright Years WordPress Plugin. This plugin is designed to work with the Genesis framework and it does not work with other themes or frameworks. If you have any questions or need help applying this theme head send us a note.

What does the Footer Copyright Years Calculation Plugin do and how to install it?

The copyright section is where you give credits to your brand and to the developer/designer of your website but its much more than that. It is also the place where you tell the visitors, bloggers, web developers, webmasters, website owners and content creators what kind of rights do you have over the content that is posted on your website. The copyright section is also the place where you show if your website is up to date and if it's still managed and if there is fresh content. That is accomplished by stating the year when the website was updated.

What this plugin does is automatically increments the year in the copyright section to the current year without any coding skills. You just need to follow the instructions given here and you will be all set.

  1. First thing you need to do is download the plugin. Click here to start the download.
  2. Next it's the Installation process. Go to your WordPress dashboard and click the Plugins button from the dashboard menu. Next you need to click the Add New button after which you are supposed to click Upload Plugin button. Chose the .zip archive that you just downloaded and wait for it to upload on your host. Don't forget to click Activate after the plugin has been installed.
  3.  After installing and activating the plugin next what you need to do is open the theme editor and add a short code into the functions.php file to add the functionality of the plugin to the theme.
    You can find the theme editor by clicking Appearance button in the WordPress dashboard after which you need to click the Editor button.

    After the Editor loads you will be able to see the file structure of your theme or your child theme. We always suggest you create a child theme when you plan to do modifications of your theme. Of course you create a child theme online once and you do all the modifications on it having the main theme in the original form.
    In the right side of your screen you will see all the theme files or child theme files you can edit. The file we are looking is Functions.php and after you click on the file and it loads go to the end of the source code of the file in the editor window and add the following code: assetlab_copyright(); including "()" and ";" to add the functionality of the plugin to your theme.

The result of your work is an automatic calculation of the years to display on a website based on the years content was published. Here's an example from

If you followed the instructions carefully you have finished the process of installing, activating and adding the plugin's functionality to your theme. Well done.

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