10 Ideas For Sharing Articles Online

by | Mar 19, 2018 | Website Content

This is the final lesson from the website content category of lessons and it is the extremely valuable information. It saves you time you would invest to search the internet. We give you 10 Ideas For Sharing Articles Online. These should not be followed blindly, we suggest to give some thought and make your own twist.

Once an article exists, no one will come for quite some time if you just hit the publish button and walk away. To really jump start traffic to the article you need to take some time to share it. Here are ten ways you can share a great new article to get things going.

  1. Post about it on social media (but not a direct link post!)
  2. Share it on Reddit
  3. Share it in a Facebook Group
  4. Tell your peers about it
  5. Put a link to it in your business emails this week
  6. Send an email to people on your list who would be interested
  7. Post the featured image somewhere (like Imur or Flickr) with a link to the article
  8. Create a short podcast to go with the article and post on SoundCloud or another platform
  9. Create a short video to go with the article and post on YouTube
  10. Let your press contacts know about the article and offer to write about it for them if they desire

This is just a short list of 10 ideas to get you going. Think about who you know, where you share, and what makes sense for sharing your great work in your conversations.

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